Armed Guard

The Armed Guard emblem.


The Armed Guard was a guild formed by Roger Warskull. It has a long and sad history to it. The story goes like this:

Long Ago at the begining of the carribean, there awoke a man by the name of Roger Warskull. He mastered being a pirate almost imediately and decided to do something with his life. He decided to create an army. The Armed Guard was at max people when warskull's enemies decided it was time to put him down. They destroyed his ship The Shadow and marrooned him on Rumrunner Island. His best men ,including his Flag Lieutenant a Tyler Crossbones, fought to maintain control over the havoc and chaos of the rest of the guild. The enemies landed on the island and started to slaughter the weak members. During a ambush on warskull's base camp he was shot in the soldier and with his dying breath gave command of the guild to crossbones. Crossbones soon crushed the enemies and traitors and started to hunt them down. One group of deserters fled with crossbones wife and burned his Tortuga house. They sailed to Port Royal under the command of the jelous Sergeant Joseph. Crossbones aproached with his best men and killed all the deserters. Joseph shot Crossbones wife and fled, and to this day only Joseph and Captain Crossbones are alive to remember the story. Crossbones disbanded his guild and deleted his player but now two years later he has re emerged using his old name. He remade the guild and captains it as a commander in the empire.


  1. Captain Tyler Crossbones
  2. Flag Lieutenant John Scurvycastle
  3. Lieutenant Edward Takeswine
  4. Lieutenant Jack Goldwash
  5. Lieutenant Mark Sharkswine
  6. Lieutenant Richard Shipbreaker
  7. Private Crewman
  8. Private Mark Bladeshout
  9. Private Samuel Sharkskull
  10. Cadet Beck Darkblade
  11. Cadet David Darksmythe
  12. Cadet Dog Warrow
  13. Cadet Dylan
  14. Cadet Fortune Brawlstealer
  15. Cadet Hector Dreadwallace
  16. Cadet Hasher
  17. Cadet Hector Firehazzard
  18. Cadet Ice Heart
  19. Cadet Jack Scurvytimbers
  20. Cadet Jason Seahawk
  21. Cadet Jeffery Raidrage
  22. Cadet Joseph Redskull
  23. Cadet Pirate
  24. Cadet Peter Firestarter
  25. Cadet Ned Macmoris
  26. Cadet Nick Sailwash
  27. Cadet Peter Foulwash
  28. Cadet Pirate
  29. Cadet Seadog
  30. Cadet Tom Chipwhirl
  31. Cadet Will Stormfox
  32. Cadet John Scurvytimbers
  33. Cadet Hector Dreadskull
  34. Cadet Davy Plank
  35. Cadet Mark
  36. Cadet Marc Wildmorgan
  37. Cadet James
  38. Doctor Grim

- If your name is not listed above, please leave a comment saying your pirate name, and if you are a member veteran or officer.