Christopher Ironshot, is a Captain in the loyal service, of Emperor Kwagar

He first joined during, the Silver Era, first as a Commodore, afterwards, a Admiral of the Second Armada. He later had Resigned from the Empire, due to him losing the Sea Warrior I

He later renllisted during the Bronze Era, as Noonrider says "Admiral Ironshot"

He is still skepectial about this remark of rank. He is almost never seen without his Admirals Cutlass, his Hawk Idol Knives, Bush Master Pistol, and his Dragoon's Bayonet. He has Earned, the Forsworn, Noble Fleet Captain, And outside the Empire, the Royal French Medal of Honor.
Screenshot 2012-06-10 17-36-18

Me on my ship Sea Sabre

His enem

Formal portrait

Screenshot 2012-06-14 16-34-58

Me on the Guard Tower, Fort Charles, after it was announced that I was a forsworn member