1. Name - Kwagar Ocata
  2. Name in the Brothers of Chaos - Kwagar
  3. Other Names
    1. Date Masamune
      1. The One Eyed Dragon
    2. Lord Death
    3. King of Death


  1. Head of the Family - Kwagar
  2. Brother - Ciel Phantomhive
  3. Brother - Aqueron
  4. Brother - Morderis
  5. All Members of the Brothers of Chaos are consider family to Kwagar. (Bloodspiller)

Imperial Information

Information From the Emperors Imperial File

Imperial Rank(s)

  1. Emperor of the Empire
  2. Ruler of the Empire
  3. Founder of the Empire
  4. Leader of the Brothers of Chaos
  5. Leader of the Forsworn

Imperial Titles

  1. Prince of Death (Born as and Before the Great Battle)
  2. Leader of the Brothers of Chaos
  3. King of Death (After the Great Battle)
  4. Emperor of the Empire
  5. Founder of the Empire
  6. King of Norway


At a very young age Kwagar was named heir to the crown to rule over Death its self. He and his 3 brothers Ciel, Morderis, and Aqueron were all princes' of death. Ciel being the youngest, then Kwagar, then Aqueron, and finally Morderis. Life was hard for the 4 of them till the day kwagar met the god Loki and the swordsman Korda. They became the best of friends and soon the brothers of chaos were born. The 13 total Ciel not being 1 were very powerful. They became the greatest of friends and the most powerful warriors through out the world.

More to be added later.

Favorite Quotes

  1. "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" Translation "Thus passes the glory of the world" or "Thus Passes the glory of man"
  2. "Aurum est Potestas" Translation "Gold is Power"

Guild History

  1. Second in Command - Masters Legends
  2. GM - Midnights Army
  3. Officer - Co. Empire
  4. GM - Kwagars Empire (the First Imperial Guild)
  5. Officer - The United Empire
  6. GM - the Demon Empire
  7. GM - Bros Of Chaos - being tranfered to The Demon

Current Guild(s)

  1. GM - Bros Of Chaos

Known People to hate the Emperor

  1. John Fireskull - Minor Consern


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