Black = flagship

Blue = Empire/friendly ship

Red = Enemy ship

Side by sideEdit

Side By Side

A standard formation. This is used to provide great amount of protection for the ship in the middle. Tpically, stronger ships are closer to the middle while weaker ships are on the outside.



A standard formation. 2 or more ships line up bow to stern with their broadsides facing enemy ships. This formation allows all ships to barrage the enemy vessel with broadsides. Typically, the stronger ships are near the front, while the weak ships are near the back.


Bottle Nose

2 or more ships line up on both sides of an approching enemy vessel and block the vessel on both sides. This can deal great dammage to the enemy vessel and can even lead to prisoner formation.



4 ships turn perpendicular to each other to form a box around an enemy ship. This limits the enemy's manuvering room. While the enemy vessel is in the middle, all ships can open fire on the enemy vessel from all angles.

Ramming broadsideEdit

Ramming Broadside

This combines side by side and ship of the line formation. All ships with broadsides facing the enemy vessel will broadside the vessel continuously. After those ships broadside, the ships facing the enemy will ram the enemy ship to pieces.


Escort is used to provide protection for a flagship or VIP ship. 4 ships will stay close to the VIP ship and defend the VIP ship at all costs.