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The Golden Raven

Present Day

The Golden Raven was a part of many battles, mostly on French and/or English/Irish/Danish side, which those sides won because of the Raven's support. It was involved in the successful take down of David, Inc. in which the Golden Raven took it's guild ships down almost single-handily. The Golden Raven has recently been involved in the Internal War between King George's royals and the EITC. The battle, since the Golden Raven was on the English side, was in favor of the royals. The Golden Raven underwent major downgrades and is now a flat-bed scout ship. The crew has also been changed due to a random murder plot that claimed the lives of the boatswain, gunner, and mapmarker. The previous chef went missing during the chaos.


  • Captain - Lord Matthew Louis O'malley-Goldtimbers
  • Boatswain - SIr Liam Shooter
  • Master Gunman - Halle Goldtimbers
  • Mapmarker - Antonio "Tony" Polzikowski
  • Chef - Cenaskya Vlado