Born on Tortuga, soon after birth, his parents left him... He was soon takin' in by an nice family of Sven Lockbones, which is the warrior of peace. Hawk soon learned that Emperor Kwagar was his man to talk to and join the Empire. Hawk became a trader, a war broke out between Hawks Militia and the Empire, at the end, Hawk could not take any more and fell to the Empire's victory, Hawk lost everything, including his wife, which he got to another one and had four children. Hawk soon lost his father, but was reunited later, a year or two later. Hawk is now a commander and is training as to become a General.

Imperial StatusEdit

A letter from the Emperor to Ciel Phantomhive


Former General Hawk of the Imperial Army is no longer a loyal member of he Empire, and I further more believe he is a Imperial Enemy. We must decide how we shall handle this little and I mean little problem.

Emperor Kwagar