Over the years many good empire members have left the game, dont come on anymore, in some cases betrayed us but we still honor them or died in real life. This page is to honor those memebers. If you knew anyone please make a comment about them. If someone isnt mentioned please mention them.

Admiral QswasEdit

Thomas ChipshotEdit

Liam ShooterEdit

Matthew O'MalleyEdit

Jack FirebonesEdit

Mark PlunderratEdit

Master TitoEdit

Tito was Guildmaster of the first guild i was in. I became guild second in command straight way cause he know i was a good leader. He eventually stopped going online but before he left we created the Empire. - Kwagar


Founder of the Empire. Close fiend of mine he was a good man extremely loyal. Spoke spanish alot and it drove me insane. Nickname Bro always called him that. - Kwagar

Allen LinkEdit


Good man then turned traitor but he was still a good friend and if Rider you look at this please know you are still my friend.

Jack TreasurehoundEdit

David WarhawkEdit


Hector DreadeastonEdit

Roger McbellowsEdit

He died in real life. He was a great military person and a good man. I remember when we first met he didnt join me straight away but eventually he became 1 of the most trusted - Emperor Kwagar