Justinmcclaw story

Justimcclaw flag

Justin's story begins when he was part of the Spanish Navy, he captained a high profile vessel known as the Savage Maelstrom, which he keeps to this day. The Maelstrom was hexed by Justin to fire otherworldly ammo and survive even the toughest encounters. He hoisted the Spanish colors, but always flew his own flag along with them. His flag shows his motto along with two shamrocks and two swords representing luck and skill, the symbol in the center of the flag was the same one his commander flew during his last battle. While part of the navy, Justin saved his entire battalion even though they were greatly outnumbered. After his commander died, Justin gave up the navy and disappeared for many years. During this time he trained in many skills so that one day he could redeem himself for allowing his captain to die. Several years later he resurfaced in America as a smuggler and mercenary for hire. Justin's skills as a smuggler are the best in the world, he can get in and out of the most fortified seas without even leaving a trace of his cargo. A man known only as the shadow hired Justin to track down an enemy in the Caribbean. After Justin found the man, he executed him just as he was ordered. Later Justin found himself captured by a group of outcasts known as the wild hearts. He joined them for many years before meeting Emperor Kwagar and joining the empire. He is currently the leader of the HIgh Council for the empire. Also, he lives on Rumrunner's Isle and has a secret factory buried deep in the jungles of Isla Cangrejos. Justin sometimes goes off on his own and does things that have questionable motive, however, in the end; Justin serves the emperor and would gladly die to defend the empire.

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