He is not much on land battles, but makes up for it with impressive sailing skills. He's more strategist on land, and both strategist and hero at sea.

  1. Name - Noonrider
  2. Lvl - 50

Imperial Information

  1. Ranks - Second in Command, Forsworn,


Born in Port Royal, Noonrider was raised that pirates were cruel and vicious beings. His father was on a trip with the EITC for 10 years and he never returned. He got word from one of the EITC leaders that they had sunken his ship and that Noonriders' father was actually a pirate himself. Now with the EITC and Navy after him, he escaped to Tortuga to live out his days as a pirate. He eventually joined The Empire under Emperor Kwagar's control. He was first placed in The Black Order in the Elite Core. After that, he became Fleet Admiral from his impressive sailing skills. Then he was promoted to Battle Commander because of his strategic skills. Him and Emperor Kwagar then created the Imperial Sith and Noonrider was named Master. Now he is second in command of the entire Empire. He quickly rose through the ranks and is now one of the leaders of the Empire, until he went missing. The Empire presumed he was killed; this was the start of the Bronze Age.

Has been awarded Medal Of the Empire

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