Imperial Information

The Empires main domain is Norway but its other territories still belong to the Empire.


Before the Empire moved and liberated Norway was being controlled and ruled of by the British Government. The Emperor was named offical ruler of Norway when he lead the people to freedom and he has ruled its people as a kind and fair ruler. The year was 1/12/1745 (in game) when Norway became a true Nation of both the world and the Empire.
Flag of Norge-1-

The Flag of Norway

A Breif History

Norway was once a Nation of the Vikings and now there is much belief that they shall return as the news forms of plunderers the world has ever seen.

Country Information

  1. Capital - Oslo
  2. Forms of Governmen - Imperialistic Nation under The Empire, Monarchy under the Emperor and King Emperor Kwagar.
  3. Norways Loyalty is to Emperor Kwagar (the King of Norway) and the Empire for most.


The Government of Norway is controlled by the


  1. King, Duchy, Emperor, Head of State, Ruler - Emperor Kwagar

Council of Lords

  1. King - Emperor Kwagar
  2. Lord - Open
  3. Lord - Open
  4. Lord - Open
  5. Lord - Open
  6. Lord - Open
  7. Lord - Open

Royal Family

  1. King, Duchy, Emperor, Head of State, Ruler - Emperor Kwagar
  2. Queen -
  3. Prince - Crown Prince Ciel Phantomhive (Heir to the Throne)
  4. Prince -
  5. Prince -
  6. Princess -
  7. Princess -
  8. Princess -

Side Royal Family

  1. Duchess - Samantha (Forgot Last Name)


The Military of Norway is a small force because the Empires has its own Military. The Empire will still however protect it.


  1. Commander of Norways Military -
  2. General of the Army -
  3. Admiral of the Fleet -


The Ground Forces of Norway.


  1. General of the Army -


  1. Grand General -
  2. General -
  3. Lieutenant General -
  4. Major General -
  5. Brigadier General -




The Naval Force of Norway.