The Silver Navigator

The massive Victory Destroyer II, The Silver Navigator, created and captained by Noonrider. Currently has skull & crossbones hull rank IV with Defensive Sails rank II.


A brief history of the Navigator:

The Navigator and the Silver Fleet

The Navigator is one of the strongest ships in the Empire and boasts in firepower, but lacks in speed. The Navgiator has been through many wars, taking on new challenges whenever they come. One of those challenges was Davy Jones's Kraken. On an expedition to Isla Perdida, the Kraken surprise attacked the Navigator. Since Noonrider was the only crewmate on board, he could not fight the Kraken alone, so he let the Navigator go down with the Kraken. 5 years later, Noonrider and a group if his old friends constructed the Victory Privateer and The Silver Fleet. This fleet's mission was to bring back the Navigator at ALL costs. The Kraken put up a fight but The Silver Fleet wounded the Kraken making it retreat. Then out of no where, the Navigator floated to the surface of the water and was retrieved by The Silver Fleet. Today, this ship is cursed by the Davy Jones.
Potco kraken-1-

The Navigator Vs The Kraken

After suffering water/battle damage, Noonrider needed to restore its armor and give it better protection. He heard from an old friend by the name of Blue about the Fires Of Shola, a forbidden volcanic island where the best quiality silver is found. The Silver Fleet set out once again to the Fires Of Shola. 1/2 year later, the fleet arrived. They mined the silver for hours and hours, refining the silver, and molding the silver into cannons and armour for the Navigator.Today, this ship stands nearly undefeated. Nearly? If you run, there's a chance you can get away from the Navigator's guns because of its slow speed.

Broadsides 200
Deck Cannons 100
Crewmates ~1000
Class Victory Destroyer II


While this ship boasts in damage and size, it lacks in speed.
Silver Navigator II

The Silver Navigator at the Fires Of Shola

But why need speed when you can rip apart your enemy easily? The special material used is not just any old silver. The silver was crafted from the Fires of Shola, a forbidden island. How this ship takes down its enemies are its specially crafted 300 silver-emerald tri-barrel guns. These 300 deadly guns do not need gun powder to deliver its full power. The ammo each gun uses can rip through anything ranging from wood to The Navigators own armor. The armor is also silver crafted from the Fires of Shola. The ornament of The Navigator is the pure silver flag pole at the bow of the ship. The flags that fly are that of the Red Line