Battle of the Shadow

The deck of the shadow being raided after the Sergeant Joseph struck a deal with Jolly Roger.

The Shadow was a ship owned and opperated by Roger Warskull. It served as the flagship for the Armed Guard navy and it was one of the only man o wars that pirates could use. Warskull got it from the Game Masters as a present for launching his fleet to test Ravens Cove. It had 100 seven pounders and ten fifteen pounders at the helm. It was driven by Corporal George and the first mate was ironically Sergeant Joseph. It always sailed with a vanguard ship (usally Lieutenant Crossbones ship, Tide Titan) and had a crew of 100 + people. It was destroyed when Sergeant Joseph made a deal with Jolly Roger. Rogers men boarded and attacked the ship and sank crossbones ship. The only survivor of the tide titan was crossbones. He proceded to the The Shadow and managed to subdue all of Jolly Rogers minions. The ship was crashed so John Smith volenteered to take it to a wild island. Crossbones, Warskull, and the others went in long boats to try to escape. The managed to get to rumrunners by the time Jolly's minions arived lead by none other then the undead corporal george. Many of the weak crew were slaghtered and warskull was shot in the shoulder. Crossbones took the guild and killed all of the undead. He then moved to capture Sergeant Joseph. The Shadow currently rests at Driftwood Island and John Smith is there trying to fix it.