1. Name - Vinny Fireagle

Imperial InformationEdit

  1. Imperial Ranks - Needs Rank


Fireeagle is well known as a battle commander. Fireeagle was tasked by the Russian king with delivering a suplly of weapons to Italy and on his way his ship was attacked by bandits. Fireeagle's Captain, Ludveck decided to bring the battle to land and ordered the cargo be dropped onto an island. Ludveck was under the impression they could defend the cargo, but Fireeagle knew they had to charge on the bandit ships first and burn the ships down. Ludveck ignored Fireeagle and during the battle Ludveck was speared by a bandit and the soldiers fell into total chaos. Then Fireeagle stepped up and ordered the soldiers to form an infantry square and then he ordered the outer lines to hold their shields outward while the troops in the center held them up. Fireeagle took his place on the front and they began pushing through the bandits and even though they were outnumbered, the bandits didnt lay a scratch on any of the soldiers. They pushed forward and burned down the bandit ships then began to move backwards then dropped their shields and used their guns from the infantry square. The bandits had much more men, but Fireeagle had the power. After that he returned to Russia and he was told that what was truly in the cargo supply was riches and precious metals. The Russian king promoted him to general. Then during a meeting he saw the Russian king was corrupt, thus that night he killed the King's whole vanguard and killed the king in a fair duel. After that the Russians gave him the freedom to choose if he wanted to stay or leave, since the king was killed in a fair duel. He chose to leave and went to Albania. The king of Albania was very impressed with his skills and promoted him to general soon after. He received the highest honors of Albania and was soon made a lord, for he was loved by the people. then he decided to take his leave of Albania. But he still has a sword given to him by the king. The swords hilt has an Eagle shape and he also has a necklace and a cloak. The necklace says trimeri dhe guxim which means bravery and courage. Today he serves as a soldier in Kwagars Army. He is one of Kwagars close friends.

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